Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If Only It Were 7 Months Ago

Have you played Borderlands yet? If not, you should. I just played for 6+ hours straight. My Xbox Live gamertag is xy0002 if you want to kill some skags and bandits with me.

The Piranha Club 10/27/09
the piranha club
Wow, only 7 months behind the times. That's quite a long lag time, even for a comic strip.

Henry 10/27/09
Henry is bald and resembles a grapefruit. After realizing this, he tries to disguise himself as an elderly woman. Needless to say, he fails miserably.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Don't Work In Retail

I'm not officially online yet, but I am told that Monday is the day. Then updates can occur with much more frequency.

Retail 10/23/09
retail As someone that has over 5 years of retail experience I understand this joke better than some others might. The joke being that working in retail is one of the crappiest jobs you can have.

Buckles 10/23/09
Clearly the full implications were not considered while the editors were reviewing this comic. It is quite hilarious in an unintended way.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sleep Is Good For Your Mind

Friday morning post! I forgot to sleep last night so you get an early morning post. I hope you appreciate the sacrifices I make for you.

Although the not sleeping wasn't really a sacrifice for you, it was more a sacrifice for school and it's related work. Anyway, it's Friday, so go crazy!

The Barn 10/9/09
the barn
That's not how x-rays work. If the writer had really wanted to go this way he should have had and endoscopy done on the sheep.

You do know what an endoscopy is right?

Luann 10/9/09
At last Elwood is caught in his lie. Now we can finally get this fucking storyline over with and move on to the next utterly inane storyline.

I hope it involves fretting over boys!

It's All About You 10/9/09
it's all about you
We've moved from getting philosophical statements from philosophers to authors to musicians to movies to television shows and the final nail in the coffin: advertisements. It's only a matter of time before the world collapses and is taken over by hyper-evolved snakes.

Also, AT&T sucks. Or so I hear.

Ballard Street 10/9/09
Looks like it was pretty productive to me. Moats are always useful. I'm not sure about the zig-zag design though. And he has to make it wider in order to be effective. But if it only took an hour and a half to get this far, he should be done in few days at most.

End This Scopy Please

Endoscopy - Visual inspection of a body cavity. Performed with, what else, an endoscope.

May I remind you that these come from my head without references and that you can challenge me if you like? Simply leave a comment and I'll do my best to define your challenge word without help. I'll even let you know if you win. You might even get a prize*.

*Prize not guaranteed. Not valid in states or countries containing the letter 'E'. Must be at least 143 weeks old to enter. Must not be older than 2439 months to enter**.

**Almost none of that is true. I have fired the person that wrote it. The only part that applies is that you must not be older than 2439 months because that would be crazy.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Nintendo Has Good Marketing

I bet you thought I would forget about my promise to post more, but I didn't so I guess I showed you.

Moderately Confused 10/5/09
No, he can't. In order for a speech to be Obama-esque, you need to be an extremely popular person with good public speaking skills. A speech cannot produce either of those things.

Girls & Sports 10/5/09
Women are shallow.

Pickles 10/5/09
Why do the old people have a Wii? I don't think I've ever seen them use it. Do they have just for when the grandkids come over? That would mean that Nintendo has succeeded in its marketing goals.

Strange Brew 10/5/09
I don't get it. Something about his gigantic eye?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Got That Not-So-Fresh Feeling?

Thursday madness abounds! From this day forth, I announce a renewed committment to the BOCAOS.

What that means in non-crazy talk is that I'll be doing at least 2 comic related post a week with a few Word of the Day's spread around.

The Dinette Set 10/1/09
Nobody would ever wear a Summer's Eve shirt. People don't even like to buy Summer's Eve products. Probably because the one their most known for is one of the most embarrassing things you could ever buy.

And nobody involved in this strip, either as a creator or a character, should be allowed to even offhandedly mention MENSA.

Frazz 10/1/09
This kid is going to be either a pundit on Fox or MSNBC or a major Senator or maybe even the President of the United States. He's only in Elementary school and already has a firm grasp on answering questions with questions concept.
What's more is that he's good at it. Why are they called shirt tails if their in the front?