Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't Call it a Comeback

I told you I wasn't done. You probably didn't believe me either. Well I showed you, didn't I?

Marmaduke 5/27/10
The obedience school jokes were old 20 years ago.  Please find a new joke to overuse and ruin.

Also, that was a pretty quick call for audit.  Marmaduke's Owner-Man must have filed quite some time ago.  I suppose he is nothing if not a financial wizard, I mean he's been feeding a dog of monstrous size for 50 decades.


Bryce Baker said...

Nice Comeback!

bman said...

Did you notice there's a Marmaduke movie? The world is ending, my friend.

Michael Jones said...

50 decades? That's one really great Dane!

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff!

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Jessica Lynn said...

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gusDon said...

Back is always interesting! People will think, what would happen then, there's always a growing imagination!