Monday, August 3, 2009

At Last I Have Returned

Holy crap! A post! That's right, you aren't hallucinating, this is a real post at BOCAOS. I hope to resume part-time for a while and transition to full time within the next two months. That includes the return of The Word of the Day!

It's All About You 8/3/09If you're lucky enough to be my Facebook friend, then you can plainly see that there are almost no pictures of me on my profile. The truth is that I want to maintain the illusion of mystery.

Also, I don't need you to see what I look like while I'm doing shots off of someone's ass or while I'm doing some other mundane task. People that I like know what I look like and that's good enough.

Judge Parker 8/3/09
If you haven't been following Judge Parker for the last while then you've missed out on all the talk about bestiality. They're not even trying to hide it in this one. Yeah, I'm sure she wouldn't mind sleeping with the horse, and the horse probably wouldn't mind either.

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