Tuesday, June 23, 2009

News And A Comic

Hello faithful readers. I come bearing news for you. Due to the recent loss of writers at the DCR, I will be shutting down The Blog of comics and other stuff until further notice. Unless of course someone would like to fill in while I fulfill my duties to the DCR. But I know that none of you does. You probably don't have what it takes anyway.

Chuckle Bros. 6/23/09So he/she sewed up the arm and neck holes on a shirt. So the joke is that he/she is really stupid? And why does it matter that the shirt is a turtleneck?


bman said...

You know, you keep saying this... but yet, every now and then... there's a new post.

I'll keep it on my list.

bman said...

You should probably also stop your ad for it... or switch the ad to a DCR ad? Who knows?

xy said...

if you read carefully, i say it's out of commission until further notice. that pretty much means that i can and will do a post whenever i feel like.

the ad is set to run for about another month before it stops. i would cancel it, but it's so cheap.