Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A New Beginning

Welcome to the first real post on the new BOCAOS. I'd like to give props to Brian Russell of The Underfold and for doing almost all the work in designing the new layout and providing me with a snazzy title banner.

As you might have noticed, I will be doing more than just comic strip commentary. I'm going to incorporate other aspects of my daily life into the blog. I watch a lot of TV and movies, so I'll be doing some reviews of what I watch. I play an assload of videogames, so I'll be doing some reviews of those too. And keep your eye out for other crazy stuff too. You never know what I might do.

Luann 12/15/09
The old lady is now my favorite character in Luann.

Of course that's like picking your favorite bowel movement: they're all disgusting, just find the one that is the least noticeable.

Marmaduke 12/15/09
Judging by Owner-Lady's eyes, there is something hovering just off panel. It must be truly horrific because she seems to think that it will attack Marmaduke for using it's water bowl. If only we could see the epic struggle between Marmaduke and the unknown horror. Surely it will the greatest battle of all time.

Strange Brew 12/15/09

Proof that if something works out in you head, it won't always work out in reality.


bman said...

Thanks for the completely unneccesary (but gratefully received) props on the website. It looks good, and we made a good team.

I'm skipping Luann cause it's stupid.

It's nice to see you making fun of Marmaduke, and just makes me miss when you always did it. Also, maybe it's the crazy toothy monster from The Underfold? Not sure. But that would be a epic battle.

Strange Brew: You suck. Shut up. As if my wounds weren't still raw from Clone Wars, you had to go and rub salt in my wounds. I hate you, George Lucas... and your stupid love story too.

Meekrat said...

I could geek out right now and give the complete back-story of Boba Fett and how that totally isn't it, but I don't care. I will say that a "Star Wars Kids" cartoon would be adorable, however.