Monday, December 28, 2009

People Are Horrible

And I'm back. Here's some comic strips that are stupid.

Girls & Sports 12/28/09
girls & sports
I guess that the message here is that single guys are picky assholes? The $100 one sounds fine to me. It gets you unlimited champagne and $100 is not that much if you get free alcohol. If you paid $50 but had to pay for your liquor you'd likely end up paying way more than $100 by the end of the night.

Luann 12/28/09
Small children are horrible people.

A small child that is single is possibly the worst type of person that there is.

Oh, wait. Children are always single. Nevermind

Off the Mark 12/28/09
off the mark
This is the first comic about Twitter that hasn't completely sucked. It still sucks, just not completely.


bman said...

I won't lie... I'm not completely sure about the Off The Mark. So, he's a serial killer who's MO is killing Twitter users?

Well, I guess if you keep it simple there's plenty of options.

Anonymous said...

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