Friday, December 19, 2008

Post No. 5

Love is...I think it's great that they could only come up with two things that are good and cloud-related. I bet that last sign says "Welcome to Cloud City", that would be hilarious, much more than the actual comic.

This is actually something that has happened in my family. My parents didn't receive a letter wrongly, they sent one to someone wrongly. A while after they sent them out last year, I think, they got a letter from an old lady in Oregon named Lu Peterson, which isn't all that weird since that's the name of a great-aunt or something, thing was it wasn't the right Lu Peterson. It was pretty crazy cause the one we know had moved across town or something and the wrong one lived down the street from where the right one had lived. Anyway, in the end it got straightened out, just thought I would share that with the masses.

MarmadukeAnother comic that I have read for as long as I can remember. Unlike "The Lockhorns" this one has made me laugh now and then, but probably not for the reason intended by the Andersons. Anyway, onto this particular one. Why is their christmas tree right next to their front door? And don't tell me it isn't because if it is farther away then it must be at least 12 feet tall. And why do the owners always let the pack of dogs into their house? Are they that beholden to Marmaduke that they must allow all dogs into their house to piss on their christmas tree?

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