Monday, December 22, 2008

Sponge Baths for All

GarfieldThat Santa is actually pretty trim. And Garfield is doing pretty well really, over the last twenty years he doesn't seem to have gained a pound; that's more than almost any of us can say, although I have gained about 5 feet of height so I'm doing alright.

Gil ThorpI must be honest, I read This Week in Milford so this is not really original but I could not resist. What the hell is with the hand in the last panel? It looks like Andre the Giant's hand not some high school kid. If the artist has this much trouble with perspective, he should just avoid drawing hands.

The Fusco BrothersI must admit, when I first saw the name of this comic I thought it said "Fucso Brothers". That is the only reason I clicked on it, but it turns out it's actually pretty funny. Not in the ha-ha way, but it is better than your average newpaper comic.

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