Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Post No.2

The Lockhorns is a comic that I have read for nearly as long as I have been able to read, about 19 years. In all that time I don't believe that I have ever laughed at it. Not even when I was a small child, which is very sad for the Lockhorns. Anyway, on to this particular one.

If the top layer is from the pre-Cambrian period, then how old is the rest of it? This also begs the question of how old their fridge is. I realize that it's supposed to be a jab at Loretta's cooking, but they couldn't come up with a better joke like: well this looks like something the dog vomited. Not great, but better than what they came up with.

Well that concludes this, the first day of the rest of this blog. I think I shall rant about one or so comics per day or whatever strikes my fancy for the day.

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