Monday, June 15, 2009

What's all this? A post? No, it can't be!

In fact, it is. As shocking as it is, life has calmed down enough to allow me to get something done on this long neglected blog. With luck I can continue to get some posts in over here. I'm still working on some super secret stuff to replace Marmaduke for the Masses.

Oh, I almost forgot, I'm still doing some posting over at the DCR, so look for those too.

Todd the Dinosaur 6/15/09This is a joke that doesn't work is written form. It can only truely be expressed in spoken word so that you can hear the evilness of the "those ARE ants!" part.

Also, I doubt that the air marshal would expose his identity for such a lame joke.

Edge City 6/15/09
The joke is? Is it that she has already seen the cats misdeeds? And why is up bolded? Has the cat been flying?

Edge City receives a fail today.

Curtis 6/15/09
I don't read Curtis regularly and am far to lazy to do the research so this comic has no impact on me. Someone tell me, is it important that the author's name is Shirley?

Bizarro 6/15/09
I agree, we need more commercialism in this country. That way we can have another major recession in mere months instead of years.

BONUS: If you want to drive traffic on your site, mention that men are assholes. It was a post title of mine weeks ago and I'm still getting hits for it for some reason.


Sigma said...

re: Curtis

Mrs. Nelson is their teacher. I don't know why her first name being Shirley is so outrage, other than through the excitement of learning your teacher's first name, although I also don't know how much excitement you can really get out of that either.

bman said...

That was awesome, and everyone can learn from the information. Seriously.

Why is "up" bolded?

Oh, and I love your BONUS TIP. Awesome.