Monday, October 5, 2009

Nintendo Has Good Marketing

I bet you thought I would forget about my promise to post more, but I didn't so I guess I showed you.

Moderately Confused 10/5/09
No, he can't. In order for a speech to be Obama-esque, you need to be an extremely popular person with good public speaking skills. A speech cannot produce either of those things.

Girls & Sports 10/5/09
Women are shallow.

Pickles 10/5/09
Why do the old people have a Wii? I don't think I've ever seen them use it. Do they have just for when the grandkids come over? That would mean that Nintendo has succeeded in its marketing goals.

Strange Brew 10/5/09
I don't get it. Something about his gigantic eye?


Malfeasance said...

I don't get it. Something about his gigantic eye?

See, he looks in real life the way any other person appears when distorted by a security peephole. It's like the gag in "Top Secret!" when Peter Cushing puts down the big "magnifying" glass and we see his eyeball is gigantic.

Problem is, that's not terribly well conveyed by the art, and wouldn't he just be even more distorted by the peephole?

Dammit, I keep typing "peehole."

xy said...

that's why i don't get it. he looks that way now, so he couldn't look the same in a peephole, could he?

also, peehole is a funny word.

Mike P said...

I hate this stigma against people who still live with their parents. Not "living at home", as that woman said, because if you're not living at home where the heck are you living?