Friday, October 9, 2009

Sleep Is Good For Your Mind

Friday morning post! I forgot to sleep last night so you get an early morning post. I hope you appreciate the sacrifices I make for you.

Although the not sleeping wasn't really a sacrifice for you, it was more a sacrifice for school and it's related work. Anyway, it's Friday, so go crazy!

The Barn 10/9/09
the barn
That's not how x-rays work. If the writer had really wanted to go this way he should have had and endoscopy done on the sheep.

You do know what an endoscopy is right?

Luann 10/9/09
At last Elwood is caught in his lie. Now we can finally get this fucking storyline over with and move on to the next utterly inane storyline.

I hope it involves fretting over boys!

It's All About You 10/9/09
it's all about you
We've moved from getting philosophical statements from philosophers to authors to musicians to movies to television shows and the final nail in the coffin: advertisements. It's only a matter of time before the world collapses and is taken over by hyper-evolved snakes.

Also, AT&T sucks. Or so I hear.

Ballard Street 10/9/09
Looks like it was pretty productive to me. Moats are always useful. I'm not sure about the zig-zag design though. And he has to make it wider in order to be effective. But if it only took an hour and a half to get this far, he should be done in few days at most.

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Malfeasance said...

Luann: Well, Evans certainly showed you, didn't he? By God, nobody's gonna tell HIM when to bury a pointless and annoying non-storyline!!

In Luannworld, cancer goes away, but Elwood is eternal.