Thursday, October 1, 2009

Got That Not-So-Fresh Feeling?

Thursday madness abounds! From this day forth, I announce a renewed committment to the BOCAOS.

What that means in non-crazy talk is that I'll be doing at least 2 comic related post a week with a few Word of the Day's spread around.

The Dinette Set 10/1/09
Nobody would ever wear a Summer's Eve shirt. People don't even like to buy Summer's Eve products. Probably because the one their most known for is one of the most embarrassing things you could ever buy.

And nobody involved in this strip, either as a creator or a character, should be allowed to even offhandedly mention MENSA.

Frazz 10/1/09
This kid is going to be either a pundit on Fox or MSNBC or a major Senator or maybe even the President of the United States. He's only in Elementary school and already has a firm grasp on answering questions with questions concept.
What's more is that he's good at it. Why are they called shirt tails if their in the front?


Arkholt said...

The Dinette Set: You know, I always thought that strip always had way too many dialog balloons and too many characters in the same panel. I mean... add some panels? Maybe?

Frazz: Obviously someone whose butt was in the front named it a shirt tail.

xy said...

that's one reason that i hate Dinette set. it tries to cram as much crap into one panel as it can. and it usually doesn't make any sense.

Malfeasance said...

Dinette: Yeah, that's one seriously crammed-up panel, ugly as all get-out.

Frazz: They're called "tails" because they are, collectively, the front and back of the bottom of the shirt. Think kites.

I really hate "Frazz." Sanctimonious doesn't begin to describe it: the title character is a rock star who went incognito to live "the good life" as a happy-go-lucky school janitor.

If that wasn't preposterous enough, this somehow qualifies him to stand in quiet judgment of everyone around him, except Caulfield (Caulfield! Now that's subtle!), who Frazz encourages to interrupt classes with his 24/7 "question authority" tactics. (Problem is, every little boy thinks he's a "prodigy;" in reality, kid, you're not the smartest person in the classroom, you just think you are.)

Also, anyone reading this is on the Internet right now, and probably sitting down, so Frazz thinks you're a useless turd because you aren't out doing sports--though he won't say it out loud because he is so above that.

I have imagined a variety of "bad end" comic strips (Curtis' father giving Barry emphysema, for example); "Frazz" ends with an eighteen-wheeler pulverizing a bike helmet.