Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Fan


Have you ever loved something so much that you thought about it every minute of every day? Something you might call yourself a fan of? And I'm not talking about your wife or your kids. It could be a comic book character, a videogame, or, much more often, a sports team.

Big Fan is the story of one such man, Paul, with a passion for his team, the New York Football Giants. He's so obsessed that he writes up little speeches for his favorite call-in radio show, where he develops a rivalry with an Eagles fan, while he works as a parking lot attendant. He lives with his mother, whom he regularly wakes when calling the radio show, because of his fanaticism for the Giants. He even goes to the stadium with is friend even though they don't can't afford tickets and don't have any other friends to tailgate with.

And Paul doesn't mind one bit. He's perfectly happy being, what most would call, a loser. At least until he sees his favorite Giants player and follows him to a club in downtown New York. It's a wonderfully awkward scene and I won't spoil if for you except to say that after the events of the night, Paul's life is thrown into turmoil. His hotshot brother, a lawyer with an utterly horrible commercial that he debuts for the family, wants to sue the player. His call-in show rival finds out about it and tortures Paul with the info(seriously, have you ever listened to those shows? Those guys are heartless). The cops are investigating and want Paul to snitch. All Paul wants is for his team to win. Or does he? Does he want justice or for the Giants to be at full strength?

The player gets suspended from the league anyway (that damn conduct rule) and the Giants need one win the make the playoffs, against the rival Eagles no less. Paul's radio rival is gloating about the Eagles upsetting the beloved Giants when Paul decides enough is enough. He goes to Philly and finds the sportsbar his rival talks about all the time and finds his rival, Phil. What happens next leads Paul to jail where we get one last scene. Paul and his friend talking about the just-released NFL schedule.

This is my first movie review and the ratings are as such: 1 to 5 with two questions: watch again and recommend to friends.

Big Fan receives:
4.3 out of 5
Watch again? Yes
Recommend to friends? Yes

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JulesRules said...

This my legit my first comment. This was well written blog, made me giggle at times :).