Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Once Again

I was gone.

Now I'm back.

Here's some comics.

Bewley 3/16/10
I hope this is a rerun. But even if it is, what the hell? Isn't there an editor or something that checks for this kind of thing? Anybody at all to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen?

Other than being out of place, it's not too terrible of a comic.

Brenda Starr 3/16/10
brenda starr
Why can't he expose himself to corruption? That'd be way more fun.

And I'm pretty sure Solomon could solve this idiotic dilemma. He was smart, whereas this guy is dumb and tries to act smart by using phrases like 'existential question' when they don't really fit the conversation.

Bound and Gagged, Chuckle Bros 3/16/10
bound and gagged
chuckle bros
Is it Wizard of Oz day or something? An anniversary or birthday? Anything at all to justify 2 strips referencing it on the same day?

Even if it is some important day involving The Wizard of Oz, that's no excuse to phone it in like Chuckle Bros did. There isn't even a joke in there.

Eek! 3/16/10
I hope this is a rerun from 1995. If it isn't, then /slamheadintowallrepeatedly.


bman said...

Yeah... Phil Hartman... I miss him and his humor.

sandyross said...

At least Bewley is just a one day out of place joke...Bo Nanas has been running Christmas strips for 2weeks now...AAAUUGGHH!!!