Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Dick

Hold on, don't go yet, it's not what you think. There is no dick in this movie. Not even one. Although the story does revolve around a porn shop.

Or more specifically, a porn shop clerk. Or even more specifically, a porn shop clerk and a porn shop customer. The clerk, a dude, one day decides to go after the customer, a chick, while she's renting porn. She's clearly different from normal people, she never talks and rents porn pretty much every day. The guy lies and cheats his way into her building after stealing her address from the shop's computer and then lies to her to get into her apartment. Why does he do this? Well, apparently he loves her. Oh, and he lives in his car, maybe that has something to do with it.

It's apparent that she doesn't really appreciate his company, but she also doesn't force him to leave so it's unclear what is going on. It's also apparent that she has an odd relationship with sex. Has she watched too much porn? Was she assaulted? What's the deal?

Over the entire movie, the guy slowly grows the relationship with the girl until they're having dinner and watching porn together and even sleeping in the same bed, no sex though. It's really weird to watch because she continually pushes him away and insults him and he just keeps coming back. It becomes clear that she has had some kind of trauma in her life and we learn that the guy has had a sorted past, so maybe it's some kind of karmic fate that they are together.

Overall, Good Dick is really weird. It's awkward to see the guy try so hard to have a relationship with this girl that doesn't seem to want it. The way it works out is just plain weird. They end up together (surprise!) and presumably live happily ever after. It might have made more sense and been a better movie if it had ended differently, but I wasn't the one making the damn thing.

Good Dick receives:
3.3 out of 5
Watch Again? No
Recommend to friends? Only if your friends are weird


Bryce Baker said...

The real question here, is were there any boobs in the movie?

xy said...

there was a tiny bit of sideboob but that was all.

Annie said...

Haha thats made me laugh x