Monday, March 22, 2010

Mixed Commentary

There's some serious-type stuff at the end. Skip if you don't want to get political.

Funky Winkerbean 3/22/10
funky winkerbean
Hooray for racist remarks made to someone that is the race you're being racist towards!

I know that the clever punchline is supposed to make everything cool, but there really is no need to ever say the phrase 'mixed marriage' unless it's 1950 again. Maybe you can get away with it if you are really old. Maybe. As long as you aren't talking to someone of a different race.

The Pajama Diaries 3/22/10
pajama diaries
A hematologist is a doctor that studies blood and conditions of the blood. Usually not a good thing to be talking to a hematologist.

Not sure what a JAK2 mutation is though. You'll have to look that up for yourself.

Luann 3/22/10
Quill is a master of the subtle insult. The writer of the strip, however, is not.

Also, could they just have Luann and Quill get drunk and have stupid sex already? I'm tired of waiting for them to get nasty so we can move to a new story.

State of the Union 3/22/10
state of the union
Yeah, the country is doing so hot right now, any guesses as to why that might be? Think back to 2008, when that other guy was president. Remember how the financial system starting to go to shit all around us? How it was his administration that lead us from surplus to massive debt? How we went to war in a place where it was/is uncertain it was necessary? Remember all that shit we had to deal with? I do. So, yeah, I feel a bit better after 2009 than I did after the previous 7 years.

Why does everything political have to be so dumb? I think we should leave politics to the editorial cartoons. That goes for Doonesbury too, you Republican assholes that were thinking of being assholes.

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