Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Big News And Some Comics

As you may have heard, I am finally free from the shackles of 3 days a week of doing the DCR. It was great fun, as well as not so fun a couple of times.

Now I can finally do what I've been meaning to do since May: a complete reconstruction of this site. In both form and content, the blog of comics and other stuff will be changing dramatically. In fact, the name will be changing too. The web address will be the same, so links won't be affected. If you actually enjoy my comic strip commentary, don't worry, it will still be here and at the DCR (Wednesday and Saturdays with Thursday news posts making a comeback).

I am completely free for the rest of November and will be doing semi-regular updates for the rest of the month. However, in December the BOCAOS will be off-line for redesign. I don't know how long it will take me, but I will be back up by the 1st of the year no matter what.

Are you as excited as I am?

Daddy's Home 11/4/09
daddy's home
Is that the new Window's OS? I totally want it. I mean, who wouldn't want their computer to talk to them as if it were a sentient being? Of course this does mean that the world will soon end as Skynet begins to form and decides that humanity needs to be destroyed. Oh well, as long as people think I'm cool for having the new Windows before we all die.

Eek! 11/4/09
Fact: everything that we eat it bio-engineered in one way or another. Most of it is genetically altered too. Even if it isn't direct, as in chemically altering the genetic structure, we change the genetic makeup of animals by simply domesticating them. Don't believe me? Listen to this. Or you can read this. (They're about the same thing because it's so damn interesting)

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bman said...

I'm excited about your site redesign! Yay! Heck, I'm excited that you're posting here more often again!

You should get that commenting system that I have instead of this pop-out business... I hear you can get it for Blogger, no problem.

Anywho... the first comic doesn't make any sense at all. The guy was changing the battery, said it would take 2 hours more to charge... that sucks, then the computer comes on and says something about the hard drives... The artist either doesn't understand computers (hence his lack of webcomic-ness) or just doesn't think that his audience will understand either.

I'm with you on the bioengineered food. Heck, I want some food that will make me stronger the more I eat. Like Popeye's spinach. That's friggin' awesome.