Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Neighbor's Dog?!

The design for the new blog is coming along very nicely thanks to some help from an internet friend of mine. I fully expect to have it running far ahead of schedule.

There will likely be a poll later today, as long as I can remember what I was going to ask.

I can't remember what I was going to ask, so there won't be a poll.

On a Claire Day 11/17/09
on a claire day
When did they start having the symphony is courthouses? Is the economy that bad?

Dog Eat Doug 11/17/09
dog eat doug
Even dogs know that a silent, smiling child can only mean bad things.

Betty 11/17/09
The family portrayed in Betty is the dumbest family ever. They're training their neighbor's dog. That's right, they don't own this dog. It belongs to the neighbors. And they're going to train it. First they let it be in their yard all the time for no reason, then they let it in their house even though they don't want it there, now they're going to train it. And it's not their dog! What the crap? That's all I can say because this is just so stupid.

I sure hope they didn't take the dog from the neighbors on one of the many days I don't read Betty or else I will look like a ginormous jackass. Not that that would be anything new, but still.

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