Thursday, November 5, 2009

Moses Is Not Funny

Two days in a row? I must really be comitted to making this blog a happening place again.

Bound and Gagged 11/5/09
bound and gagged
So the joke is either that Moses is a showoff and is using his God-given powers for trivial matters or that Moses doesn't know what 'separate an egg' means. Either way, it isn't all that funny.

Perhaps the ingredients had been a burning bush and a staff turned into snake.

No, no that's not very funny either. I guess Moses just isn't funny.

Daddy's Home 11/5/09
daddy's home
I don't like to run the same comic two days in a row, but WTF man? WTF? Either this guy is hallucinating or is from the future. And the only joke is about something that happened about, oh, 6 weeks ago or so. I understand comic strips have lag time, but it wasn't even worth it. It's a crappy joke even if the news was still relevant. Why does this strip get printed and not something worthwhile?

Ziggy 11/5/09
Speaking of worthwhile comics, Ziggy is so lame that even the 'Where It's At' office is closed to him.

The comic is lame, but it does make one wonder where they keep 'It' while the office is closed. Does 'It' just sit in a safe or on a pedestal while everyone is getting lunch? Now that you've opened this can of worms Ziggy, you must give us these answers. Lord knows it'd be better than what you usually do.


bman said...

I repeat my sentiments about the computer one from yesterday. Although, I will admit that a laptop character could be really funny in The Underfold. (and would fit the scheme of simleton drawings)

bman said...

Also, the Moses comment might have been funny if the eggs had separated for real and were being held in 4 halves. Maybe. At least then he wouldn't seem like a complete idiot.