Monday, November 23, 2009

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I can't think of anything to say in the spot where I would normally say something so instead you get this rambling sentence that lacks punctuation and meaning.

Arlo & Janis 11/23/09
arlo & janis
Arlo is a good liar.

Janis is gullible. Or possibly just playing along so it will be more of a surprise when she stabs Arlo during their next episode of marital relations.

Ben 11/23/09
Old people: Being disgusting and confusing since I was your age and had to walk to 6 miles school, uphill both ways.

Graffiti 11/23/09
That isn't true. I feel terrible that my ego is so much better than everyone else's.

Marmaduke 11/23/09
Hehe. Marmaduke lost his balls.

I may have the mind of a child, but at least I know it.

Baldo 11/23/09
So close to being relevant. Only off by 15 years or so.

For anyone that hasn't played a videogame in the last decade, the once venerable instruction booklet is now nearly extinct. Where the booklet used to serve as a guide not only for a game's controls but also it's story, the instruction booklet is now mainly a warning not to play videogames if you have a history of seizures and how to access the game company's website to register your game.

We will always remember you. Always. Not really though.

Videogame Instruction Booklet


bman said...

Sometimes, and maybe it's by solution to the problem you mentioned, the videogame instruction booklet has been used to provide more structure/story to in-depth games. I actually read through the instruction books for most games that I buy. I'm not sure why though... Habit? All the controls are the same...

By the way... that Marmaduke joke was funny. Nice one. I miss that.

Sandy said...

Good Job on the blog for no sleep in the past 3 days! Also, ever since I first came across the Marmaduke blog that you did, whenever I now see a Marmaduke cartoon that can be construed as a sexual innuendo or Marmaduke eating someone, I wonder what type of joke you would make!

xy said...

then my work here is done.

good thing i'm reinventing myself shortly.