Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Silent Hat Stangler

Enjoy these fresh picked comic strips and the even fresher comments that go with them.

Unless you have something better to do.

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Ferd'nand 1/12/10
Ferd'nand wears his hat to bed? That just adds a whole new level of insanity to his personality. So far we have: is a mute, has a terrible mustache, is constantly changing jobs, and wears hat at all times.

I think it's safe to say that Ferd'nand could be the next major serial killer in the United States.

Herb and Jamaal 1/12/10
herb and jamaal
What is happening in the last panel? It looks like Herb is just saying help to nobody. I suppose it's possible that he's using the voice dialing function on his phone, but that would just be stupid, and that would be new ground for Herb and Jamaal.

Except for the stupid part.

Flight Deck 1/12/10
flight deck
Nothing about this makes any sense.

Also, it's just called The Newshour now, Jim Lehrer took his name off it. He's still the anchor, he just isn't in the title anymore, don't ask me why.

The Dinette Set 1/12/10
the dinnete set
This is the least cluttered The Dinette Set I have ever seen. It still isn't funny, but at least I can tell what is happening.


Bryce Baker said...

Flight Deck is referencing Everybody loves Raymond, the gang bang movie. that's the only way it makes any sense.

bman said...

That dog has absorbed the volume of the alarm clock. Interesting...

"Cellular phone?" Really? EVERYONE calls them cellphones. It's not even two words anymore. Even spellcheck knows that. And if spellcheck knows it... it's old news.

What about Everyone Loves Raymond is so terrible that teenage kids can't watch it??

I have NO CLUE what the last strip is talking about. All I could tell is that it looks like I wrote those word bubbles, they're so crappy...