Tuesday, May 26, 2009

At Last, Another Post. In Which The Author Tries To Draw Attention To Himself

Hello there! I'm back, kind of anyway. I'm thinking that next week I can start doing the DCR full time, so I'll try to post here at least a couple times before then. Enjoy these crappy comics in the meantime.

Don't click on the Muhammad link unless you want to see a visualization of the Great Prophet.

Wee Pals 5/29/09Why is racism allowed in this comic? It's unacceptable to mention black and white in editorial comics, so why is it cool for this one to be so racist all the time? And the worst part is that it's not even funny.

Little Dog Lost 5/26/09
Yeah, it was so much better when we were just cutting down trees and draining swampland for no reason. All that green and fresh air makes me sick to my stomach.

This just proves the hypothesis that Moose are stupid.

Prickly City 5/26/09Is it taboo to show a picture of Former-President Bush like it is to show a picture of Muhammad? Has Bush become some kind of religious symbol? Or do Republicans just want everybody to forget about him?

Probably the latter.

Daddy's Home 5/26/09
As much as I hate to admit it, this is exactly how the male brain functions. We just complain about something until the woman does it for us. It's quite surprising how effective it is.

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