Monday, May 4, 2009

Knees?! Really?

This week should yield 3 more posts. Next week . . . well, let's just say the outlook is poor.

The Grizzwells 5/4/09
I wasn't aware that the IRS collected flesh, I always though it was money. I don't think they would take a pound of flesh in place of money or people would be trying that every year.

Ferd'nand 5/4/09
What the hell is Ferd'nand trying to do here anyway? I'm pretty sure the shadow is going to win no matter how big or small it is. It's a shadow, it can't be hurt because it has no corporeal body. Stupid Ferd'nand, I guess not talking for 90 years or however long he's been mute, makes you dumb.

Daddy's Home 5/4/09
You probably have to click to make this one bigger.

Is there really a Tighty-Whitey brand of underwear? There should be. I know I'd invest, if I had any money.

9 Chickweed Lane 5/4/09
Forget the heels and why they might be diagonal in the first panel. My problem is that his favorite part was her knees. Who like knees? Is it just because you can't say breasts on the comic page? He could have at least said her neck was his favorite part. That makes more sense than her knees.

Maybe she gave him a knee-job. Although I don't know what a knee-job would consist of, it sounds terrible.

I sincerly hope there is no such thing as a knee-job.

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Slager (formerly KT) said...

Those are not six-inch heels. Those are three-and-a-half, tops. Bitch doesn't even know her own shoes.