Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day Two of the Comeback

What's all this? Two consecutive days with a post? The world must be ending. Or maybe I'm almost done moving. I sure hope it's the second one.

Enjoy these comics and enjoy my roasting of them even more.

Mallard Fillmore 5/27/09Mallard Fillmore is the most out of touch comic currently being printed.

Todd the Dinosaur 5/27/09First things first: you cannot fry jell-o. It just can't be done. Second things second: jell-o is good as long as it's not yellow. Fourth things third: just because something's on a stick does not mean it will taste good.

Also, she should just be glad that the big F-ing dinosaur isn't eating people on a stick.

The Amazing Spider-Man 5/27/09
I don't have a particular problem with this particular strip, other than its complete lack of story or action, but I do have to mention how retarded it is that they have gone back to Peter and MJ being married. It makes the last storyline, which may have lasted an eon or two, a dream and nothing in it actually happened. That pisses me off because the greatest character ever, in any form of media, appeared in the last storyline: Ultra-Pigeon. We can only hope that a new random animal makes an appearance.

Boomerangs 5/27/09As a former Target employee, I can verify that wearing red and khaki is a bad idea if you don't work at Target. Shopping after your shift is also very annoying because you can't just say that you don't work there because you do. It leads to a lot of extra work pointing shoppers to on-duty employees, which is probably exactly what Target wants.

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Pirk said...

I have that problem at Walmart alot, 'cause I often wear navy blue polo shirts

I wish I could throw tomatoes at the comic strip Todd the Dinosaur. or better yet, at the creator as he's drawing it.