Thursday, May 14, 2009

Men Are Assholes? What Else Is New?

More unexpected downtime means another post! Enjoy your brains out.

The Meaning of Lila 5/14/09
The Meaning of Lila
Hahaha. Oh man, I'll never get tired of "men are terrible people" jokes.

If men are all such assholes, why do women keep coming back? It makes them look kind of stupid. As a wise man once said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Arlo & Janis 5/14/09
Arlo & Janis
If the squirrels in your neighborhood are that aggressive, it's just payback for being an asshole and feeding them for so many years.

F Minus 5/14/09
F Minus
It looks like he spent about $10 to make that suit and I don't know where you can get a $35 suit that isn't for a dog.

Nest Heads 5/14/09
Nest Heads
"It's got that prime pidgeon-feeding location that all the lonely weirdos are really looking for in a bench."

Herb & Jamaal 5/14/09
Herb and Jamaal
So instead of hating Herb she is giving him the sexy eyes?



Pirk said...

re: F Minus, I don't understand your math at all xy

bman said...

If those are "sexy eyes" then I'm afraid of the rest of life in Herb & Jamaal.

Slager said...

Men are assholes and women have nothing but contempt for men! It's so true!