Thursday, February 25, 2010


Thursday. Not much else to say. Enjoy.

Animal Crackers 2/25/10
animal crackers
I'm at a loss. What is that supposed to be around his neck?

Frog Applause 2/25/10
frog applause
I can spout random stupidity too, only I don't get any money or recognition for it.

Is my contempt for Frog Applause obvious enough?

Gil Thorp 2/25/10
gil thorp
Look, if the guy's perfectly happy being the janitor at his former high school then I don't see a problem. Maybe there was a really mean bully at State and poor little Steve got picked on. Besides, as a high school janitor he's got his pick of jailbait ass.

For my next trick I'm only going to give you the bolded text from the strip(you can see the strip by clicking the link. Can you guess which one it is? More importantly, think about the bolded words. Are they appropriate? Does it make sense that they are bolded? Keep in mind that bold is supposed to denote emphasis, much like italics.

Yeah...Used...Brothers. Green Purist...Figured out...Pure...Impotent. Argued?

*Random Bolding Syndrome


bman said...

I believe the antelope has a gun?

Why are those words BOLD?

xy said...

oh. a gun. well now i feel stupid.