Monday, February 1, 2010

Unsolved Mystery

Frazz 2/1/10
Every time the teacher asks if there are any more questions that annoying black kid asks a completely retarded question. Is that supposed to be funny? Because I don't find it to be anywhere near funny.

Farcus 2/1/10
But who's talking?! We finally have an answer to this question of the ages and we can't tell which one conceded!? Why? Why? Wwwhhhhyyyyyyy?!! My life will never be complete until the mystery is solved and Farcus just brought me as close as ever to solving it before slapping me in the face.

Moderately Confused 2/1/10
moderately confused
Is this a joke about US presidents being white or that the current president is black? Either way it seems like it might be racist.

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BillyWitchDoctor said...

Re Frazz: the li'l brat's name is Caulfield, which apparently Mallett thinks is incredibly witty and subtle. From Wiki:

"Mallett regards Caulfield as 'the hero of the strip... He won’t give up that joy of learning for the sake of a test score, for quiet approval, for the easy A.' Caulfield is a handful. He is a genius, but hates school because it fails to challenge him. He spends a lot of time in detention for speaking out in class, but whiles away the hours discussing books or logic with Frazz."

In other words, he's a little-mister-sense-of-entitlement who enjoys impeding everyone else's learning for his own amusement because his parents are too stupid to put him in accelerated classes or private school. That means he's the hero!! Yaaaay!