Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Short and to the Point

Today is Tuesday and that means you can see the comic I made for Carafe. I think it might be the funniest thing on the Internet ever.*

*This is a lie.

Frazz 2/2/10

Hahahaha, some holidays are silly and made up. I can't imagine why they didn't make fun of Thanksgiving, Christmas (the one with Santa, I'm not trying to belittle Christians), Easter (the rabbit version), Columbus Day, President's Day, or Labor Day.

The fact is that every holiday started off with some crazy person doing something no one else had done before. And just about every holiday is based on some weird belief or tradition. I mean honestly, a fat man with magic reindeer coming down your chimney? A rabbit that lays eggs?

You can't make fun of Groundhog Day and Valentine's Day if you're not going to make fun of all the other silly holidays.

Brevity 2/2/10
Is that a phobia that people have? I know that people can get sick from circular motion, but I've never heard of anyone being afraid just because.

At any rate, it's still not really very funny. If she was afraid of circular motion, why would she willingly go on a ferris wheel? Maybe it's part of her treatment, but if it is then it's still not funny.

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bman said...


I love how you quickly state that you are not belittling Christians. Nice work. Don't want to upset the masses! hahaha!

PS. I got here through Reddit. SUWEET.