Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Struggle of Man Against His Dark Nature

I return! After many days of laziness and computer failure there shall be a new wave of content at BOCAOS. Many comics posts will be the main component of this content, but TV and movie reviews are also in the works. And as soon as I can figure out what I want to say about Mass Effect 2 I'll write a review. Also, Heavy Rain is out today so a review should be expected this weekend. Also due today is the third piece of DLC for Borderlands so I'll write that up when I get around to it.

Also, wheels are in motion at DCR. Secret wheels. Oh, and they want a writer for Monday and Tuesday so feel free to go there and check it out. There's a link in the sidebar.

Also also, if you want to comment on something older than a week you'll find moderation because I'm being flooded with spam. (well not flooded, but quite a bit and for some reason exclusively on older posts)

2 Cows and a Chicken 2/23/10
2 cows and a chicken
The actual punchline is pretty lame, but the nonsensical phrases "Are pine trees edible?" and "I'm cravin' a pine tree!" are pretty damn great.

Daddy's Home 2/22/10
daddy's home 2-22
I'm not a slave to Apple so I haven't been following coverage of the iPad very closely, but from what I have heard it's basically a giant iPhone that doesn't make calls. Whoopie.

Also, anyone that follows a company, a fucking corporation, blindly is the dumbest kind of person. I know that you think Apple is different and that they're not like other companies. The truth is that Apple wants to make money. They do that by producing things you want. Only problem is that now they have started producing things and then telling you that you want it. I think they chose the name iPad just to see how stupid people really are.

Frank & Ernest 2/23/10
frank & ernest
I just hope that that tree falls on them both and finally ends it.

Frog Applause 2/23/10
frog applause
What the hell is this? Does anyone actually enjoy this? It's not funny, it's not smart, what the hell is the point of it?

This reminds me of 'modern art' where someone shits in a jar and calls it 'the struggle of man against his dark nature.'

No, it's not the struggle of man against his dark nature, it's shit in a jar.

Ink Pen 2/23/10
ink pen
The problem with doing references is that you inherently limit your audience. I have no idea what Glen Close has to do with rabbits. I'm assuming that she did a movie involving the subject and I could look it up, but if I need to look it up then it becomes just a useless piece of knowledge and not a joke and all I wanted was a joke.

Seriously, I have so many pieces of useless knowledge in my head that I think any more will do serious harm.

Love is... 2/23/10
love is...
So love is when you trick your boyfriend/husband/only other human living in the Garden of Eden into condemning an entire religion (or everyone ever if you happen to believe in said religion) to eternal damnation even if they're only just born and can't have possibly committed a crime against anyone?

That's a pretty fucked up version of love.

Pluggers 2/23/10
In fact, they aren't even SUV's, they're trucks with toppers on them.


Jennifer said...

I loved what you said about ipad...true. Apple thought itampon may be a bit offensive or uncomfortable for some; so they settled on ipad.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Re Ink Pen: Glenn Close's character boiled a family's pet rabbit in "Fatal Attraction."

I found it slightly amusing (once I thought back to get the reference; like the pig said, she's done a lot since then and at first I wasn't even sure it was connected to rabbits at all) because it reminds me of people who watch a horror movie, then get piss-squirty because a dog was "killed"...while ignoring or whacking off to all the human carnage. ("Alien 3" being one example.)