Monday, February 8, 2010


You get zero guesses where I got these comics from.

Brenda Starr 2/8/10brend starr
Twitter must have jumped the shark pretty hard because it seems like it's popping up in comic strips all the time these days and it's being depicted more and more accurately.

Also, 'tweeting twerp' is actually sort of clever. It's not great, but it's not horrible either.

Rabbits Against Magic 2/8/10
rabbits against magic
Some newer diseases do seem made up by drug companies and doctors but they are usually real.
Restless Leg Syndrome is a real problem, just not for as many people as are currently diagnosed with it. The problem is that companies advertise their drugs that cure 'syndrome Q' on TV and gullible people see the ads and then 'discover' that they have had this disorder all their life and they never knew about it. Then they go to their doctor and demand the medication and since the doctor has heard the same stupid thing 10 times already that day just prescribes the medication after the patient tells them that they have all the symptoms of 'syndrome Q'.

It's the same with things like webMD. People go on there and type in some symptoms and decide that they have African Sleeping Sickness and go to their doctor and the doctor has to waste time telling the person that they can't possibly have African Sleeping Sickness for a number of reasons.

The moral of the lesson is that part of the reason that the US health system is so screwed up is because people are wasting doctor time to get checked for illnesses they couldn't get unless they tried really hard. I wouldn't doubt that at least 10 morons went to the doctor last year because they thought they had polio.

Also, 'SMECK!' is a pretty sweet sound effect.

B.C. 2/8/10
Man's finest ego is not ice fishing. It's breathing and feeding tubes and all the other medical wonders that can keep dead people alive.

Although they might not remember those things in the future-past that is the setting for B.C.

Also, that's not how you would want to do that. Plus that ice would weigh quite a bit and I'm pretty sure that he's not that strong.

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