Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Arugula? Really?

BC 1/20/09Hm, that seems to be a bird-like creature. Talking to a snake. Birds usually eat snakes. Birds also do not have antlers. It must also be a flightless bird or it would just fly away from the wolves.

BC receives a fail for today's strip.

Ferd'nand 1/20/09
Apparantly Ferd'nand shares some of his genome with snakes. That is the only explanation for him being charmed. Of course he could just be really stupid, but we'll never know since he doesn't talk.

Cheap Thrills 1/20/09Arugula?! Leeks!? It hasn't even been a full day and the Liberal Elite is taking over our dinner choices. Bill O'Reilly must be spinning in his grave.

Wait, Bill O'Reilly isn't dead...yet.


Anonymous said...

I'm so liberal I wash down my Organic Arugula wrap with a fair-trade Latte.

Just kidding, I don't eat anything that doesn't have the letters 'O's' attached to the end.

Squid Vicious said...

Actually, Bill O'Reilly died in 1972. The demon which inhabits (and animates) his corpse has just done a really good job of making it age poorly...