Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's the Naked Tooth-Fairy-Monster!!

Reality Check 1/27/09

Sadly, this is, most likely, not far from the truth. I remeber reading an aritcle about people using their office computers to surf porn sites, while they were supposed to be working! It was a really high number of people that were doing it too. Although I don't think that many people are stripping down or masturbating, but it wouldn't really surprise me.

Girls & Sports 1/27/09
"Yeah, 60 years, maybe less if you have a loaded gun or a sharp knife."

If marriage was so terrible, no one would ever do it. It really is that simple.

Frazz 1/27/09
What kind of school is this? I've never seen pickle loaf on a school cafeteria menu or french dip, but I went to a shit school so I don't know the whole story. Pickle loaf and french dip should never be confused, ever.

F-Minus 1/27/09
Does anyone actually put up a tooth-fairy alarm? If that's the tooth-fairy, then I'm glad that I didn't ever wake up for that.
On a scientific note, I don't think those wings could lift that horrible monster. Also, his eyes are different sizes.

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Bryce Baker said...

On a scientific note, he's a monster! of course his eyes are different sizes and he has 3 tiny wings. He's made of aluminum so he's surprisingly light weight. Green aluminum. Scientific.