Thursday, January 8, 2009

Play Bass like a Dog! Today!

The Humble Stumble 1/8/09Ah yes, the yippy or in this case, yappy, dog. I don't know why anyone would even consider having one of these types of dogs. Sure they may cute to look at, but the incessant noise they produce is enough to drive one mad.
Also, when I first read it, I thought they meant the snowman, I don't know why.

Strange Brew 1/8/09I have no trouble believing that someone wanting to play bass guitar would make this mistake. We all know that only idiots play bass, with few exceptions.
Also, that a huge fucking fish, but it's tail seems to be one with the, um, chair? couch? whatever the hell that thing is he's sitting on.

Ballard Street 1/8/09They should be proud. Instead of a yippy or yappy dog, they have one that kind of plays the...cello? It's too big to be a violin and too small to be a string bass, I guess it might be a viola cause I've never seen one of those.
Anyway, they should stop complaining and get that dog on David Letterman.

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