Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am unable to come up with something clever today

Arlo &Janis 1/28/09
The next panel would be Janis in the kitchen,"Damn, I was so close this time. Well, maybe I'll put some antifreeze in his oatmeal in the morning, then it will all be mine! The purple cat-thing, the stupid kid that shows up occasionally, all mine, mwhahaha!"

"Wait, do I even want any of that stuff?"

Committed 1/28/09
I'm not really sure what this one is going for. Do people really plan more than a few weeks ahead? Sure, maybe a crazy motherfucker has his life planned out sixty years in advance, but since his day planner consists of him pissing in the snow, I don't think that counts.

Also, I'm pretty sure you don't get limbo and reincarnation. Those are from different religions. But I'm not an expert, anyone know for sure?

Also, I don't think you are reincarnated as plants, I'm pretty sure it's just animals. If you're bad you get to be a fly or something like that, not a fucking turnip. If you're good you get to go to stay human, but a better human. And if you're really good, you get to go to nirvana.

I mean really, if you're going to talk about that sort of thing in a comic that is seen by potentially tens of people, you should do your homework.

Ferd'nand 1/28/09
So who is the guy in the last two panels? If we assume that the guy in the blue robe is Ferd'nand, who is the guy in the orange robe? Is it Ferd'nand's clone? And why did he smash into that other guy? Ferd'nand was the one going really fast, not the orange robe guy. And that seems like it would be really serious, you know, since there is a broken leg involved. And what's wrong with the other guy? He doesn't seem to have any visible injury, is it something internal?

Well, it may not be funny, but you can't say Ferd'nand doesn't make you think.

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