Monday, January 26, 2009

I Need Form Your Ass!!

Heathcliff 1/26/09
Why is that guy speaking to Heathcliff? He does know that Heathcliff is a cat and not an angry midget, right? In any case, Heathcliff only has one bag so it's not like he's taking a ton of food. And it kind of looks like there is only one bag so I can't blame him for wanting to eat.
What the hell are those other ladies doing? Why don't they just go around like a regular person would. It seems like the aisle is wide enough.

BC 1/26/09
Yeah, making fun of burglary is so funny. How 'bout a rape joke next week?

Secret Asian Man 1/26/09
So Sam needs yearly Barium enemas? Did he have colon cancer at one point? And I thought tax stuff was supposed to be easy for those of the Asian persuasion. At any rate, taxes are better than almost any medical exam, especially ones that require you to drink stuff that is slightly radioactive.
New Poll this week. Be sure to vote cause I really want to know if I can has Cheeseburger.

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