Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Behold the power of Dumb

Secret Asian Man 1/7/09Seeing as everyone everywhere is decended from proto-humans that originated in Africa, we're all African-Whatever. This fact makes this joke not so much of a joke and more an observation that was observed quite a while ago.


Moderately Confused 1/7/09Yes, in fact you will die to have an obituary. Unless you're a big asshole like P.T. Barnum and demand that they print your obituary before you die, but then they say mean things about you because we all know that sympathy is only for the dead.

This is too easy.

Herb & Jamaal 1/7/09Hm, the first two were obvious, but only to people with at least average intelligence. This one should be obvious to anyone that has ever been to an eye doctor, but if you don't get it, please allow me. THE HAVE MORE THAN ONE CHART, DUMBASS.

Well, at least the last one doesn't suck donkey balls.

Rip Haywire 1/7/09
This seems to be a relatively new comic, at least to Over it's first three days it has lampooned some of adventure strips most beloved crutches: Mark Trail's Right Fist O'Death, the fact that everything is a life and death situation, and boats and even dogs. Hopefully this takes off, we could use some comics that are at least relatively funny.


Kaitlyn said...

That Secret Asian Man made me think of racist jerks who like to say "Black people aren't really African-American, after all Charlize Theron is from South Africa."

I thought everyone knew the whiteness of South Africa, along with many others.

We came from Africa, and quite a few people went back for gold and such.

Herb and Jamaal... I don't know why I keep reading this, except that I read almost every comic that shows up the Comics Curmudgeon (not Gasoline Alley or Cathy, though I tried, valiantly).

I have actually found Crock funny, but never H&J.

Though I guess that answers my question. No, not that I found Crock funny once and liked it but didn't laugh at it once as well.

I want to have some idea what's going on, and well, if I'm going to read shoddy legacy strips like Family Circus and Beetle Bailey, I may as well read shoddy new(er) strips like H&J.

Never heard of the other two, and not a regular reader of SAM.

xy said...

i don't read anything that i review on a daily basis, mostly because they all suck. and as i mentioned, haywire seems to be a new comic which is exciting because it's kind of funny

Kaitlyn said...

I made my own comics page on the Houston Chronicle's website, but I left Pluggers off.

Also, I frequently stay up just beyond midnight so I can update the blog, without even reading the other comics.

Looking at Pluggers is more like an obligation than a joy. Especially since I have to say something about it now that I have followers.