Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Annoying Bloggers Getting in the Way of Work?

In The Bleachers 2/11/09
Personally, I like Billy Mays. He's hilarious, I mean have you seen his beard? It has to be a spray or something.

They could stop with the Snuggie any time now. And Head-On. Those commercials are just dumb and annoying.

Real Life Adventures 2/11/09
Almost any expert will tell you that having a TV in the bedroom is bad. And this guy just lost out on some free sex just to watch Letterman. Clearly, he make poor decisions all the time.
Momma 2/11/09
Salami and soda pop? Are they trying to kill him?
After 89 years, I wouldn't expect a big party every birthday. Even if you spend $50 per time, which is pretty cheap, it comes to nearly $4500 for all those birthdays. That's some real cash.
Also, I have a new blog that focuses on just Marmaduke, since Joe Mathlete refuses to come out of retirement. I know that I can't be as good as he was, but someone has to try.

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