Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Your Fault That I'm Not Funny

Dog Eat Doug 2/25/09 Most dogs just bite, so I'm impressed that they trained him to simply leave. And all animals have a place they can get to that you don't know about. Trust me, they do.

Red & Rover 2/25/09
Is it just me or do Rover and Doug look awfully similar?
And what's wrong with lime green nehru jackets? Doesn't everyone have one of those?
Frazz 2/25/09
Yes, subways are more disgusting than the fecal material on the floor. Stupid children.
And you would have to literally drop food in a pile of poo to get sick from eating it. The bacteria living on the kitchen floor are the same as the ones on the couch and in your bed.
Think about that while you try to sleep tonight.

Working Daze 2/25/09
Yeah, it's my fault that you snorted cocaine and injected steroids.
Unfortunately, this has become the standard answer when people are caught doing something they shouldn't be doing. Why does no one take responsibility for their actions anymore?

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