Monday, February 2, 2009

Ultra-Mega Chic...I mean Post!!

I'm kind of making up for not posting for the last few days. Don't get overloaded, take a break if you need to. I don't want you guys actually busting a gut, I hear that hurts like hell.

Marmaduke 2/2/09Marmaduke is as asshole.

I miss you Joe Mathlete

Just kidding. Marmaduke likes to sexually assult several victims at the same time.

The Grizzwells 2/2/09
What about breadsticks is it that he doesn't understand? And what kind of friend is the bear to insult the porcupine in this manner? If I were the porcupine, I would slap the bear right in the face...with my ass, so he gets a face full of quills.

Drabble 2/2/09
Has any women used that line, ever? Why not just say "I'm busy, and you should go to hell" that would be much clearer.

Brevity 2/2/09
What about activity books would make a pencil anxious? The coloring? Maybe I'm just not smart enough to get the joke in this one.
OR there is no joke in this one.

Secret Asian Man 2/2/09
I agree, let's just say February. But I may not be the authority on this subject since I live in the Great White Way of Minnesota.
I don't think I've seen a black person for months.

That's Life 2/2/09
This one pisses me off. I don't know why, but it does. I've seen plenty of strips that have no jokes, but something about this just makes me angry. I think it's because it combines being stupid with making no sense and terrible art. Why does a food dish need to spin? And the food on the plate does not look edible at all.

Betty 2/2/09
So the kid and the father are mentally challenged and the mother is an asshole?
I can't be sure, but I don't think that ground pork is all that cheap.

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