Monday, February 9, 2009

Got a Sandy Vag? Ride the Manatee!

The Dinette Set 2/9/09
Wow, I'm not even going to talk about the main punchline.

What the hell is a manatee ride? I know there are tons of ways to talk about sex without saying the word sex, but manatee ride? That doesn't sound pleasant at all.

Off the Mark 2/9/09

Why orange? Why not the other words that don't rhyme with anything? I could really use a rhyme for purple. It would complete my scheme to dominate the world. Bwhahaha!!

Marmaduke 2/9/09

Why does owner-lady look like she wants Marmaduke to jump on her? I mean, come on. Owner-man is right there. Unless the only way he can get off anymore is to watch his wife get pounded by the dog.

Wow, the Andersons are some sick bastards.

Secret Asian Man 2/9/09

Can I just say that I hate any show that purports to be reality when it clearly is not. Surviorman is a perfect example. This guy goes out in the wilderness with only his "wits" and survives on the land. The problem? There are obviously guys there filming and doing sound, meaning he is not alone and is not really in any danger of dying of exposure. And this shit is on the Discovery Channel. Argh!

Reality Check 2/9/09

I have nothing bad to say about this one. Just made me laugh and laugh.

That is all.

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