Friday, February 6, 2009

Why so Many Questions?

Heathcliff 2/6/09
Why are those shoes the same color as the banana? Why is his hair the same color as the shoes? And what is wrong with Heathcliff's foot? Has Gallagher ever taken an art class?

The answer to these questions will likely never be answered.

Frank & Earnest 2/6/09
The reason is because it is not in his program. It doesn't matter how much memory or storage you have, if it is not in the program it won't be executed. Why so stupid?
Moderately Confused 2/6/09
Is this a play on the economy sucking? If this is his red period, why are the ones in the background in black? Why can't comics just be straightforward?
I guess it's because the suck so much.

Marmaduke 2/6/09
What the hell kind of store is that? Does PetSmart carry electronics? Best Buy doesn't even like when you carry a bag in the store, so I don't think they would allow a dog in. I suppose it could be Circuit City, but then there wouldn't be a sales associate to help Owner-Man.
Oh and Marmaduke is an Asshole.
Why can't I quit you, Joe Mathlete?

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