Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Have You Checked Your Twitter lately?

Non Sequitur 2/18/09
Soon this will be our fate. No longer will alcohol be the major addiction, it will be replaced by blogging and tweeting or whatever comes next. Do not weep for us, we know what we do is harmful, and yet we cannot stop.

Heh, yeah right, like you're going to get bloggers to come out of their houses.

The Lockhorns 2/18/09
"Because you've been poisoning every day of my life since we got married. I mean for Christ's sake, we play Clue instead of have sex!"
Spider-Man 2/17/09
Did Stan Lee fear a lawsuit if he had included "and I"?
I don't get the reboot of this. They have supposedly gone into the past, but there are some modern convenices that are out of place(cellphones that fit in your pocket are not from the '80's)and everyone looks the same age as before. Why couldn't they have had Peter and Mary-Jane get divorced? At least that would make it seem like a real story.

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