Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ask Not What the Blog Can do for You, Ask What You Can do for the Blog

PC and Pixel 2/19/09
Where is this bank? In the Himalayas? If not, then it is the largest bank building in the world.

Luann 2/19/09
Did "Luann" just do an almost appearance of President Obama? And of course they went to bathroom humor.

Why is the President just walking around the Capital Building? Doesn't he have stuff to do in the "Luann" universe?

Family Tree 2/19/09
Ah, the battle cry of amateur environmentalists everywhere.

Hypocrisy is never funny, just ask Mallard Fillmore.

Alley Oop 2/19/09
Why is Ally Oop still celebrating the 75th year? If anything, the overlong celebration has made everyone question why it's still around.

And why does he have a suit on, but no shoes?

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