Monday, February 23, 2009

I Had My Post Longened

Cow and Boy 2/23/09 Power Zone? What does that mean exactly? Is he more powerful now? It sure seems like he is.

Also, longened is not what you would say, even if you were a cow. It's lengthened.

Stupid cow.

The Sunshine Club 2/23/09
Make a deal to do what? Make it so you can't afford the crappy medical care? It's not like they can kick you off the plan just because they merged. And I don't think that insurance and health care could ever merge since they are two different types of businesses. Plus the government wouldn't allow it.

Herb & Jamaal 2/23/09
Oh that Herb and Jamaal. They're always up on what's goin' down.
Seriously guys, we all know that movies cost an assload of money, but to think that theaters are going to give out loans when regular banks aren't is just stupid on a whole new level.

Secret Asian Man 2/23/09
That brings up a good question. Do they have sunscreen in Africa? The locals don't need it, so it wouldn't be in most stores. They might have it in the tourist type places, but it probably costs out the ass.

Monty 2/23/09
Wow, what a sexy dream to have. And Carrie from Mythbuster? Really? She's not really someone I'd have dreams about, you'd never know when she was going to try to blow you up(with explosives, asses)to test some myth about the dumbass that exploded after having sex.

Ferd'nand 2/23/09
That would be a sweet road to drive on. I wonder where it is. It would have to be somewhere with different physics than we have in this universe, since you would have to be upside down at some point on that road.

Herman 2/23/09
It's funny because he is unable to inflate the balloons on account of his tuberculosis. And now he can't afford the medicine because he can't inflate the balloons. It's a vicious cycle.

Graffiti 2/23/09
Actually, guy that does this "comic strip", all ideas are free. Every last one of them. It only costs money if you try to make the idea into reality.
Unless you do it on the internet. Everything's free on the internet.

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