Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The Meaning of Lila 3/4/09 She must be really horrible if a priest is saying mean things to her. Although, if she were a prepubescent boy the priest would have had kinder words.

Like "would you rub your self on my genitals?"

Maybe those aren't kinder words after all.

Cow & Boy 3/4/09
I'm not sure what the hell is going on, but the last panel is fucking awesome.

Luann 3/4/09
I don't think that Luann counts in this competition. Would any high school student say no to a millionaire? I know I wouldn't, and I'm not even a high school student.

Candorville 3/4/09
If you ever see someone wearing a "Thug 4 Life" shirt, calling himself C-Dog, ask that man for relationship advice. Just trust me on this one; he knows what he is talking about.
Special note: this only applies if you don't want your relationship to last very long.

Rip Haywire 3/4/09
What is it that smokers aren't learning?
I am getting sick and tired of comic strips that have no punchline. Although they do provide me with something to do.


bman said...

Wow. Where do you even find these? I'm thinking the one with the cow punching that kid in the face is by far "the best" comic I've seen in a while.

xy said... is my source for the lamest comic strips in the world.

bman said...

Awesome. I need to get my comic onto that website so you can make fun of me.


xy said...

they seem to have pretty low standards

bman said...

They don't seem to have a good spot for submitting stuff...

One of the other websites that it pulls from seems to have submissions, but I don't write/draw fast enough or in the correct format for them.

Oh well. Stuck on the internet then.