Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Love Big Cable Networks

As promised, here is another large post for you. Try not to laugh too loud, I don't want you getting in trouble at work.

The Buckets 3/25/09

I think Ricky is the only one actually made by a child. The other ones were made by the parent(I don't want to be sexist unintentionally) that has experience with woodworking.

My favorite is the NASA one because it probably cost $100 million to make and will explode after 3 uses.

(Too soon?)

Neurotica 3/25/09
I think she's distressed because she has no arms in the second panel. They just disappear and then reappear in the last panel. I'd hate to see the person that looks good when that happens.

Minimum Security 3/25/09
Panic: our only growth industry.
And yes, I stole that from the Colbert Report. Airing Monday-Thursday at 10pm central time. Only on Comedy Central.
I wonder if I'll get something for the free advertising for the Colbert Report on Comedy Central?
Probably not, I hear Viacom is an evil corporation.
But that's not what I believe. In my opinion Viacom is a friendly company that loves its employees and cares about the Earth.
I love Viacom.*

The Fusco Brothers 3/25/09
What is going on here? He seems to be drinking, but I don't know why Chuck would be upset by that.
This comic is really stupid sometimes.
Or is it me?
It's hard to make a sentence with only 2 letter words. Try it sometime.

This next one make an appearance due to a reader request/suggestion. A reader sent me an e-mail about yesterday's Eek!, but it was after I had already done the day's work so I decided to do today's Eek! especially for her.
Eek! 3/25/09
Saturday Night Live did this joke a long time ago. It was a Christopher Walken episode.
It would be weird to work with someone that didn't wear pants. You'd always be staring at their genitals. It would be doubly weird if it was a centaur, what with the giant horse penis and all.

Cul de Sac 3/25/09
My "boss" at The DCR really like Cul de Sac, but after reading this garbage I can't understand why. Maybe it's just an off day for the strip, or maybe he's off his rocker.

Adam @ Home 3/25/09
This comic is the equivalent of a man saying that he hasn't had cervical cancer.
That's how stupid Adam @ Home is.

*If you got the reference then please get out of my head.

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