Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Make Tonight a HuManwich Night

Just in case you didn't read about it already(and most of you didn't) there is a new poll, no really, it's over the the right of your screen, towards the top, it's about how much content you want to see, so I suggest that you vote on it, or I'll just start doing whatever the hell I want, and nobody wants that.

Did you realize that the last paragraph was a single sentence? It probably shouldn't be, but I wanted to see how long I could keep it going. Well, anyway, here's the day in comics:

The Barn 3/18/09
Yeah, chicks dig cows too. But not sheep, chicks hate sheep.

Rubes 3/18/09
Would this be any funnier if it were a human standing there and the last option was HuManwiches? I think it would, although, I am a cannibal.

F-Minus 3/18/09
The real trick is how he managed to tie himself in a way that he can't untie himself. I would pay more to see that than I would to see someone untie themselves.

Ferd'nand 3/18/09
I must say that I think it would be really hard to write a strip everyday without using words. Having said that, what the hell is going on? How is this a joke? And why is Ferd'nand trying to farm in his back yard?

The Buckets 3/18/09
Do young children really care about Star Wars anymore? I think that's more of a phenomenon for young-adults.
I guess Star Wars is still getting exposure through the Cartoon Network show. Did you know that they played it during Adult Swim last weekend?

B.C. 3/18/09
The only joke I see in the 4 panels presented to me is that the bird's callsign is Dookie 1. Everything else is just filler to me.

Congrats for making it all the way through today's post. You win the prize of satisfaction, unless you hated everything I said. Then you are just weird, why did you read it all if you hated it?

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Brian C. Russell said...

The F-minus scares me. Seriously. She looks pissed and is going to take it out on that guy who's tied up with her dull letter opener.

Two cow jokes in a row. Nice.

And what the heck is wrong with that kids eyes? He might have jaundice. They should really get him checked out.