Friday, March 27, 2009

Herb & Jamaal Sucks

That's a really bad post title, but I'm tapped at the moment. There's a Word of the Day if you keep scrolling down a bit after you finish reading this post. Enjoy.

Ben 3/27/09

How did she know that he grabbed a muffin? Or is it a cupcake? Whatever. This is the number one reason to own a dog.

Rose is Rose 3/27/09
I don't know or care about what is happening in the dialog, I want to know what is going on with his face? It looks like he has mouth like a squid or octopus. I could draw that well and I have no fingers.

Ferd'nand 3/27/09
Airplanes have the overhead storage covered and limits on what you can shove in there, so they have to be on a bus or train. Buses usually have storage underneath, so that leaves train. Who travels by train anymore? Does Ferd'nand live on the East Coast?

Herb & Jamaal 3/27/09
Another scathing observation from Herb & Jamaal.
Of course mechanics don't make a profit on parts, that's why they charge for labor. If they didn't then they would go broke.
Why do newspapers still pay for this crap? This joke was old in the '50's; the fact that someone got paid money to write this is a crime.

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Brian C. Russell said...

What kind of mechanic works in a closed shop with no windows in order to nap? You should just switch mechanics...