Tuesday, March 24, 2009

USPS Is Better Than UPS Because They Have An Extra Letter

Sorry about yesterday, but I was overloaded. I still have a lot on my plate, but I have some extra time so it all works out. Here's an extra-large update for you.

B.C. 3/24/09 Is "POOP" supposed to be a sound effect? Because all I'm getting is that the bird took a crap between the panels.

Flo & Friends 3/24/09 Haha, another joke about old people and how they have bad memories. Hahaha. Stop, stop, you're killing me with your originality.

Rudy Park 3/24/09
How does this relate to the recession? People have been failing to be healthy for decades, not just in the last year.
Why do comic strips even try to be up-to-date.

Pickles 3/24/09
Oh, my.
Why? Why? That's all I want to know. WHY!!??

Momma 3/24/09
Yes, all of us men are sociopaths that want to capture women to be our personal slaves.
What would comic strips do if stereotypes didn't exist? I think they would cease to be and we could all get on with our lives.

Herb & Jamaal 3/24/09
Does that mean she thinks he is stupid? There are much better and simpler ways to insult someone, especially when you aren't even talking out loud. You can think anything to yourself and no one will ever know, so why use some kind of insane metaphor.
I have never heard anyone say that in reference to anything, ever. Not even in reference to an actual path.

The Dinette Set 3/24/09
Fuck you, Dinette Set. Fuck you. My dad was a postal carrier and was on time every motherfucking day. Even the days when it snowed 6 feet in an hour, you could count on the mail being delivered. So fuck you for being ignorant assholes.
Sorry about all that, but I have strong feelings when you insult my family, even if it's not directly or intentionally.


Brian C. Russell said...

What a strange collection you found. I really don't understand Herb and Jamaal... I think I'm overthinking it though...

Dinette Set doesn't really make any sense either. Maybe if they had said something about poor customer service... or made it the cable guy... I don't know. And there's stamps that rise in value with the postage rates... so, just buy those, sheesh.

I'm really concerned for the guy wearing a "Junk Male" shirt who needs insulin... Does he actually count on those two hideous twins in the window for his meds? He looks like the perfect start to a serial killer... or maybe just a patsy.

Pirk said...

this thing with all the t-shirts in Dinette set is stupid and annoying

Anonymous said...

I love the post office. What else can you buy for 42 cents? Say what you will about the post office but the post office is the one federal government department that actually works to near perfection. What other department can say that?

"Buy new stamps that cost more"? Ever hear of the Forever stamps? Do your research Dinette Set.